Feedback Needed. Suggestions for further improvements welcomed. Help needed for capturing high quality videos of game sessions so as to ensure better analysis using the video analysis software.

Some information (entire idea is attached)

Why? Goals of this scenario

•to demonstrate the link between the popular commercial game ‘Angry Birds’ and Physics, in order to convince students regarding the real value of scientific reasoning.
•to allow students to analyse the projectile motion in different cases so as to conceptualise the Physics of projectile motion.
• to allow students (group-work) to experiment using the games and later to help them to capture different frames of the motions.
•to engage students in video analysis for further understanding.
•to enable students to think critical through the preparation of a detailed report of their analysis
The starting point
*Situation: The birdies are angry and students need to discipline them. Students conquered birdies’ kingdom and they have the catapult under their control. Prince student (there is one in each team) launches birdies showing who is the actual boss!!!
*Goal definition: Students have to launch birds in different ways (changing angle of the launch, stretching catapult rubber differently) so as to knock down the wooden picks.
*Minimal set of initial knowledge: Students are expected to have understanding of the Physics chapters: Forces and Motions

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