I teach 4th Grade, and this year have been given a listening center to use. Basically a CD player with up to 8 headsets to use with it. We have our whole group literacy class texts on CD and onlevel and below level guided readers on cd.

I was just wondering if anyone would like to share how they use listening centers in their classroom. I have never really had the chance to use one before. Any ideas, suggestions, or creative uses would be appreciated.


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Hi Jonathon,
Unfortunately I don't have a lot of ideas for using Listening centers in the classroom but I do have some teachers in my school that are interested in developing one as well. As the TL in my school, they are requesting headsets and a splitter unit. What equipment do you use? I am interested in its quality, price and reliability as many headsets are very phiniky (is that a real word?). Thanks
We have Califone products. I have a CD/tape/radio player, (which is very good actually) and a splitter unit that allows up to 8 (?) headsets, (maybe 6 cant remember). The headsets are pretty heavy duty. They are not like computer headphones, they are a bit like headphones used to look like in the 80s! Quite big and chunky, so I expect they will be durable. Looks a bit like this set...http://www.califone.com/products/2455plc.php but not exactly the same. Can't tell you how much they were, as I did not order them. Hope that helps.
Thanks Jonathan...that's what I thought they would be...I was hoping for something more "modern" as we have these Caliphones in our school division as well and they are not the best sound quality or reliability. It sounds like you've had more luck with them.
I'm hoping to transition into MP3 players eventually!!! A librarian can dream, can't she?
A member of the PracticeWithPurpose-BookTalk Yahoo group shared the following set of documents that should be helpful to you.
Thanks for sharing.
That has some great ideas! Thanks for that.
I have a set with cordless headphones that I can hook up to an ipod or other mp3 player. You can then download podcasts, record stories, listen to audio books, listen ( or read a long) to songs, have children record stories, parents or other teachers can be recorded. They are good for listening exercises for little ones. I use a colouring page of some sort and record instructions for them to follow e.g., draw a blue bird in the sky, a tree next to the house etc.,. With a bit of imagination (and time) anything's possible,
I teach third grade and have a listen station. I'd like to have mp3 players in my room to increase fluency.
Where did you purchase your equipment? We've got all of our basal stories on a disk plus last year's too.
I'd like to transfer them on to an mp3 player but may have to ask our PTA if they would purchase them.
I teach first grade and have been using a listening center for two years now. It is great for fluency...it allows them to hear the text being read. I also use it for comprehension...whenever they listen to a book they have to do a retelling activity on that book. I usually have an activity ready at the station for when they finish. Currently I am using a cd player with a splitter so several kids can listen at the same time.

However, this year I am getting six iPods so they can have their own listening station. They will also be able to listen to their podcasts, listen to themselves read a book and check their own fluency, listen to their peers read, listen to parents or other teachers read to them, etc.



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