Pinterest is helping teachers inspire students, increase participation and tell stories. How are you using the social platform in your classroom?

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Check out
Her boards are amazing, and she has one on this topic.

Thanks, What a great site!

Sarah, Thanks for the mention! Glad you are finding the boards useful. Tina Wahlert

I agree, pinterest can be a great tool for education.  I have used it mostly for project ideas and adaptions to assignments I use in the classroom.  I really like how pinterest gives you a visual and also a link to the original site for more information. 

Great article! Pinterest is as much about inspiration for the teacher as it is about class projects. I like that the female students did a mini-course at the request of a male student. Hopefully it helped change their points of view. I'm tired of guys acting sexist about the type of women who use the site and the site's popular topics (weddings, crafts). 

Check out 

He is a principal who is a huge technology advocate at his New Jersey school.  I think Pinterest is a great resource for teachers.  It provides an easy platform to share resources in an attractive way! 



I love some of the ideas that I have found on pinterest. I think it's a great way for teachers to share creative ideas with other teachers and pinterest is extremely to use. I like a lot of the class room decoration ideas.

they even have smartboard lesson ideas-


We are keeping pinterest on the down low at our schools. We are afraid the district may block for teachers! Our teachers are using pinterest for lesson ideas and sharing. I love following my teachers boards. It gives me (tech coach) an idea of what they are looking for and what is grade level appropriate.

Eve, I hate to say it - but you may be smart in keeping Pinterest on the "down low". I have worked very hard to create boards that will be useful to all the teachers I work with (I am a consultant that serves many schools through Iowa's Area Education Agency). Numerous school I work with have blocked Pinterest. I don't think they understand what a huge resource it can be. :( 

Hello! I'm a trainee art teacher in the lifelong learning sector and I think it is such a shame if teachers have to be discrete about using an inspirational site such as Pinterest to share fresh and creative ideas. Surely this can only have a positive influence or am I being naive? I have taken a look at the links included and now following Tina Wahlert and others. Its not only teachers who can benefit from this site, but learners too. I've found that my Level 4s struggle to formulate ideas at times, normally because early on in their degree they want to prove themselves and put a lot of pressure on themselves. There is a lot of content regarding crafts and wedding ideas from individuals using the site for personal uses, however if learners can be directed to the appropriate elements of the site I believe it could change their thinking regarding their work and learning. I am currently having trouble with Level 4 and Level 5 groups and blogging. I am promoting this tool as an essential part of their reflective practice as artists however they seem to lack the motivation to begin. I may use Pinterest as a way to promote blogging visually... and hope that it will click and get them going. Thank you



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