Attention to a computer screen or simple manipulation of the programmed components of a developed app does not always equate to actual student learning.  While using technology, students should be the active creators and developers of the task or project rather than just passive manipulators of a program done by someone else.  Having students as the actual authors of educational projects and developmental learning tools using technology would enable them to develop basic skills such as: creative thinking, critical thinking, planning, problem-solving, and decision making.  In other words, they would learn.

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Hi Mel,

I totally agree with this statement, education technology is more than just a number of tools we use in the classroom. Teacher's main goal is to engage students in learning. We should use high quality tools which help them to develop personal and professional skills but don't limit their creativity or flexibility. 

From my point of view, it's necessary to explain students why do we need these tools and how to use them correctly. At the same time, successful studying is not only about technology, it's rather a complex of techniques and various skills every student should improve daily. This article might be useful for teachers and students aimed at improving skills mentioned above. 


I agree! There is also the freedom you offer to your students while learning. They feel confident and they won't have this problem of controlling their ideas or their mind. The students feel great when they practice and use their thoughts without having someone interrupt. Technology gives them the power of creativity and production so they feel great when they realize the results after their hard work. I usually feel great myself when I see my student do any activity using technology.


I completely agree with you. I think it is important for teachers to guide the students in their technology use (by supplying introductory critical thinking questions to guide them, for example), but students should learn to become independent with technology. Like you said, the students should eventually be able to create their own projects with the use of technology to improve their basic skills.

I also agree with Leona Hinton! Especially, because students should understand why these technology skills are so important for them outside of school.



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