Does anyone have any ideas as to how a teacher can use Twitter in the classroom? I know it could be used by students for brainstorming. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

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Designed an group project assignment where students groups had to tweet their notes and take pics thru twitpic. This was used by instructor to see group participation and how they were relating to the subject matter. Students later used notes & pics in PP presentation to class.
Forgot to say used during a field trip and check on the unlimited minutes of your students cell phones.
Kae, this was a really good idea. I bet the students loved it. Thanks for the idea.
We have a classroom account--just started figuring out what to do with it:
Paul, we don't have a classroom account yet, but I'm using these ideas to get the administration "ok." Thanks.

Linda Jones
Can i also get help , i wish to know how is twitter being used in education .thanks.,
Hi, Linda,

One way Twitter can be used effectively in the classroom is by spurring classroom discussions. By creating a hashtag (such as #HIST203) for the specific class, students can follow the conversation being had by other students on Twitter itself, and can then actively contribute to this conversation. It is possible to use this technique even during lectures – it keeps students engaged in the material because they can discuss it among themselves while simultaneously digesting it. I know many teachers have found this to be a very effective means to use Twitter.

Thank you so much for starting this discussion! It is so interesting to see how others are using Twitter in the classroom. Please let me know if this was helpful.

I think it would be useful to the students if you used twitter as reminders for assignments or upcoming quizzes and tests that sometimes the students forget about or procrastinate on. You can possibly get students responses and opinions on topics that are being covered in class and have the students discuss the issues. The students can research and share information with each other and with the teacher. I think this is a good idea to help students with school work outside of school.
a 'classroom' account? I thought there was one type of account for all twitter users.
I also like using twitter as a search engine. Students can search without a twitter user handle. It means they are getting current feelings, news, experiences from people. eg in accounting we searched for stock taking, as this was our current topic. This came up with all sorts of discussion triggers. At times of volcanoe eruptions etc they will get real life experiences.



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