Using Web 2.0 to extend relationships/communication with parents.

I guess I have five areas of inquiry around this larger question:

Beyond blog and email are their ways to leverage 2.0 technologies to stay in contact with parents???

How do you use web 2.0 to simplify and/or magnify your relationship with parents to help encourage, guide, or communicate with them???

What works?  (And whats your sense of the participation level (ie how many have email and actually read the content?)

Beyond tools....feel free to explain the way you use the tools (ie grade or discipline trouble)

What do parents need to know to really be a multiplier on classroom teaching and learning development.  (if you just have an article or pdf in this respect, feel free to drop the link)

Why I ask the question:

Given that parents are such a multiplier on student success in terms of time, resources, focus, and attention--it seems this is an area thats worthy of investigation.

There are an assortment of resources for parents--from books by teachers like Rafe Esquith (Lighting Their Fires and Teach Like Your Hair's Onfire) to a series of PDFs created by our education department in Washington DC to various other resources.  

I think it would be great if we could simplify this content into two or three 5 to 10 page documents.

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