I will be introducing some teachers to the wikis and blogs in a couple of weeks (April 18, 20). I have lots of uses for blogs and blogs for them to peruse, but not much on wikis.

How are you using them
1) for yourselves or
2) for/with students?

I would love to be able to share some wiki sites with them to give them some ideas to "prime the pump"

Thanks so much for any input you can give me!

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I started to use Wikispaces.com.
Thanks, Nellie. Are you currently using your wiki? For yourself or with students? If with student, what are they doing and do you see any impact on learning? Would you be willing to share your wiki (for viewing only) for my teachers to see?
Dear Carolyn,
I am using wikispaces http://mrsphysics.wikispaces.com/message/view/home/22258411 and ning
http://physics-classroom2.ning.com/ for my classroom project for students to blog. I found out that it is not
simple for students to sign in to my wikis. I am working on both pages, did not achieve much yet.

I didn't do it this year, but for the previous two years I set up a wiki at the end of the first semester and assigned my Precalc kids a certain topic to summarize. They were to include all of the important info plus pictures and video. We basically just didn't get around to it this year, but it gave them a taste of how to work with wikis. It was helpful for the kids to use to review for our semester exam.

Here's the link from last year's: http://fouss08.pbworks.com/

Hope that helps!
Thanks so much. This will be a great example for them to see.
A couple summers ago pbworks (pbwiki, at the time) had an online Summer Camp that introduced participants to using their wikis for education. It was an awesome experience! I had been interested in the possibilities but never had the time to really explore how to use the tool. The 5 or 6 weeks of the Camp were really intense - but filled with great information. I used a wiki with some of my 5th and 6th grade students last year. First of all they learned how to create/edit wiki/web pages and how to interact appropriately on them. They used their pages as showcases for their work and as places to actually complete assignments instead of turning in hard copies of them. Assignment requirements were presented on the wiki - no excuses then for losing rubrics, etc.(!) plus parents could also see what was expected, as well as view results. I just recently used a wiki to have students complete an assignment on M.C.Escher and tessellations. They answered questions from their research(links to sites were provided on the wiki), found and posted an example of Escher's work that they liked, then created their own tessellation on the computer, took a screen shot of it, and uploaded that to their page also. Unfortunately, because of privacy issues the wiki is not viewable by the general public. However, this page is pbworks' directory of wikis put together by educators who have been part of their Summer Camps over the years: http://educators.pbworks.com/Directory-of-wikis . Many of them are public, and even if they aren't the descriptions of the wikis and what they are used for may give you some ideas. Hope this info will be useful for you. Good luck with your presentation!
Thanks. This is great information, and the directory will be helpful, I know.
This year the staff at my school have be using a school-wide wiki (we are using Wikispaces). In addition to being used in various ways by teachers for their classes it has been used for professional development and student government.

I teach biology and anatomy and physiology. In my anatomy & physiology class I have been using a reverse-instructional model. I post my lectures on the wiki via Google Docs freeing up class time for hands on projects, discussions, etc. I also have students read a book during the semester. Students use the wiki to post their reading responses.

In my biology class I have students find articles related to genetics and summarize them on a wiki page. They then read and respond to at least one other students post.

You can access our wiki here.
Thank you. These will be great!
wikistange is my classroom wikispace. Essentially a portal and reference site for the things we do during the year.

Stange-chalkboard is student pages and classroom collaborations.

I also have a student portfolio site.
Super! Thank you!
Answering the original question, how do I use Wiki for myself and for/with students:

1) to collaborate with others on establishing a useful resource in a specific area of personal interest (hence www.tarotpedia.com);

2) with adult distance education, same as 1; with high school students, no more than using wiki-based 'encyclopedias' such as wikipedia and showing how they can be edited.

I had originally intended on putting a wiki-based area on the school's network, and decided against it as it seemed to me at the time that the time spent on that would better be used on developing either html, RunRev, or other more general skills.



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