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I've just been made program director for a Masters course in Entrepreneurship and I want my course team to have access to each others progress and contribute meaningfully to such progress at a distance as we restructure, renovate and build the program. Does anyone have experience of building curriculum and Module outlines using Wikis as a collaborative tool for contributing faculty? If so, how did ti go. Any 'dos and donts' will be much appreciated

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Using a wiki is great provided all participants are very familiar with how to use it and its features. That would be my primary advice. Otherwise you will have a big technology learning curve ahead. The other alternative is to start with a simple Google doc or Mind Map tool that leads to the production of a Google doc.

Prezi also has some nice new collaborative features. Good luck!
Hi Donna

That's great. Thanks. Yep, I'm currently speaking to my team to see how emotionally familiar they are with collaborative Wiki-building. I'm curious when you say 'Mind Map tool that leads to the production of a Google doc', do you have anything particular in mind, either which tools or where this has worked for me to have a browse through?
Thanks again
My wishes
Hi Ed - I've used Webspirations (I believe it is www.mywebspirations.com) which is best used in the brainstorming phase. It is collaborative and free, and many people can work on it together....see what you think. Maybe it is not what you are looking for but I suspect it might be a good place to start. Once the salient concepts and project direction are agreed upon, you should have the foundation for the course and can start with more detail on a Google Doc or similar tool (that's why I mentioned Prezi.) Or a Wiki is great (Studyplace is a really nice one) - it just becomes difficult when people have trouble using it. Have fun with it!
By the way Studyplace is www.studyplace.org
Amazing, thanks D, I shall look into these for sure (I am familiar with g-docs, etc)- and see what my faculty peers can cope with
My wishes
Oh I just realized I added an "s" on the end of http://www.mywebspiration.com but this link will take you there! Glad I could help :)




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