I will be introducing some teachers to the wikis and blogs in a couple of weeks (April 18, 20). I have lots of uses for blogs and blogs for them to peruse, but not much on wikis.

How are you using them
1) for yourselves or
2) for/with students?

I would love to be able to share some wiki sites with them to give them some ideas to "prime the pump"

Thanks so much for any input you can give me!

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Hi there,

I am just completing a Web 2.0 class and the final project had to be something to use in the classroom. I made a wikispace for my 9th grade alg/geo II students. I am still playing around with it, but have found I am using it more to give the students information. I did try to do a 1st project, but it didn't go as well as I planned. Pairs of students had to make a page on a given topic we have discussed this year. The page had to include the objective, creators, explanation, and example(s). So will rethink that project and work on revamping it. However, I am using google docs to have one student post the homework daily (student responsible for posting does it for one week and then changes). It is also great to load up videos or something else to get the kids discussing. Of course, there is a learning curve, but I plan to use it with all of my classes next year.

I do like the wiki because the kids can add to it. This is why I chose it over a social site like Ning or a blog. Really wanted the kids to be a part of it....just need to find the best way to do it.

My site is msblasioli.wikispaces.com. Hopefully if you have any high school math teachers they might find inspiration or see it can be used (because I had my doubts when I started)

I have also started a math department wiki.....that one is private though. We are using that wiki to share links, keep track of graphic calculator serial numbers (using google forms) and book numbers for each of our classes. This is great because if a student misplaces their calculator it is easy to give it back. Great way to share quizzes, tests, worksheets, etc.

If you hear of any other great ideas, please bring them back to this forum. Would love to hear how others are using. Good luck presenting.

Thanks for all the good information, Lori. I really like your wiki. That was a great way to use wallwisher, too. I'm sure your students will benefit from the wiki, and that you will, too.

How do your students have access to computers? Lab? Cart? In your room all the time? Just curious.
I have been using Wikispaces with my class of 11-12 year olds this year and am so pleased with the results. One is for our Maths class where we share links and resources and have done some homework exercises between us (where the Maths was easy to type!), the other Wiki we use for a learning journal- everybody has a page..

I have added some links to this page here which I wrote for staff at my school. Sorry if some of these links are the same - I see you have loads of helpful advice here.
Colleen, you have such wonderful stuff to offer!! I have a lot of your sites book marked...and am using links of yours on my wiki and the department's wiki. Thanks for sharing!! Your students must love having you with all your innovative techniques & knowledge!
Thank you so much Lori, how nice of you to say.

I have found this forum very helpful indeed.

Collaboration is certainly so important - I love all the communities I belong to.



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