I would like to show YouTube videos in my classroom but YouTube is blocked at my school. I've tried copying the code into my wiki but it still shows up blocked. Any suggestions on how I can copy the video to place either in a wiki, blog, or website to show to my class?

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Try using http://www.zamzar.com/ This web site will convert the youtube file to an avi file or other file type. The converted file is emailed to you. Don't forget about copyright... ask the creator for permission to use the video in your classroom.
Some of the video conversion sites don't offer instanteous service, sometimes with Zamzar you have to wait hours for the email. Don't convert over morning coffee and expect the new file to be in your email when you get to school. Plan ahead.
Hi Jennifer,
You could also message the creator and ask them to post it onto TeacherTube - if it a valuable educational video it will have much better exposure on TeacherTube, as YouTube is blocked in so many schools. Again, you will need to be very well organised and ask well in advance.
If I remeber correctly, one of googles extras is a YouTube downloader. I have it and I think that is where I got it. YOu can download the MP4 file at home, load it on a jump driive or IPOD video and bring to class by plugging in to your computer or if using the ipod, with the correct wiring (wire purchased at best buy or something) play the video on a TV right from IPOD. There are a million options but it may require a bit of work and planning.
you need to download the video to your computer, then you will not need the internet to view it (so of course it will not be blocked). I use firefox as my browser and have installed an add-on called 'download helper'. 'Apparently' it downloads the youtube movie as a .flv file. You will probably need to install an flv player, there are heaps of these around.

you can not really get around it being blocked at school, unless your IT administrator changes your access priveliges. Even if you embedded it in a different medium (eg moodle, wiki, blog) as it is always linking back to the original youtube movie.

hope this helps.
Jennifer, using Safari, let the YouTube video load. Next, go to Window > Activity in the menu bar of Safari. In the Activity menu, look for the largest download. This is the YouTube video. Double click on it and it will download. Find the download on your computer. It will be called "get_video". Rename it and add a .flv extension. You are good to go. Double click it and it will play. You will not be able to embed it, however. It will be a self contained flash video. - Joselyn
This sounds great! Well done, I'll try it.
You can embed if you have QuickTime Pro ($25~$30)... just change filetype from .flv.
http://keepvid.com/ is a site that has given good results for me, and you don't wait for any emails (I've not used zamzar to be able to make any comparison). With keepvid, you input a url (or just click a bookmark bar link) and you are redirected to a keepvid page with a direct download link for the video.
I second the Download Helper + Firefox solution. I've used it to much success. For the FLV to AVI conversion I use Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter, works beautifully.
If you have access at home. Use DVDVideoSoft to download a copy of the YouTube video to your harddrive or pendrive. Then use the free VLC player to play the video. This is what I do at school as our policy is not to use 'live' YouTube videos. It works perfectly well. Though a pain to get ready, but then preparation is everything in teaching and learning :-)
An aside--sometimes the YouTube video has been converted from another source like CNN for instance. If I'm desperate I'll search and find the video elsewhere. I wanted to use Wallace and Gromit's Crackin' Contraptions in our invention unit, found them on YouTube and after a search found them here. And "A Vision of K12 Students Today" ended up on Teacher Tube. So be sure to search before you panic.



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