In my graduate class we observed a TED talk entitled "How Web Video Powers Global Innovation." It's an interesting piece and it got me thinking about integration of video components into my third grade  classroom. In the past I used Flip Cameras and had my students create persuasive commercials but that's as far as I've ever gone with students and video. I would love to use video more often in my classroom but need some ideas.  What are your some ways you effectively use video in your classroom?  

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I teach Sped so I've used video to track behavioral issues so there is a visual record to go with case notes and FBA data.  It is also a great tool to work with the child since they can see how they are behaving rather than me just telling them.  I had a friend who used Flip cameras with his students to make news broadcasts about a topic they researched and wrote about.  He teaches 4th grade and the project was pretty cool. 

How did they edit the videos?  In iMovie?  If you want to take a look, I made a couple of videos related to learning about poetry with new media:  Using New Media and Aerosol Cheese to Interest Youth in Poetry

I actually did most of the editing but when I do it again I will likely use something easy to use like Windows Movie Maker since that's what we have available to us.  I love editing my own videos using iMovie and prefer it over WMM but district is all Microsoft.  Thanks for the link; I look forward to checking it out more thoroughly when I’m not at school.  (Youtube = Blocked. Arrgh!)

I love the idea of using cameras in the classroom. It is also very effective to film students giving speeches, presentations, during debates, etc. Have them bring in a memory stick, and give them a copy of their presentation. That way they can evaluate themselves and hopefully improve their public speaking skills.

Wes, I have not tried this in my classroom but after doing some research on the net, found some information on what is called "paperslide projects". Looks promising! Some ideas for kid videos would be for them to create how to videos for a math problem showing the steps in how to solve the problem, therefore making them the teacher. They could also illustrate and act out a book they they have read.  



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