I made a video (AVI) for a class of mine last year. I had these kids for two years and the video is a slideshow with music of our time together. It is large... 257MB and I cannot find anywhere online to upload it. I would like to share via Internet instead of making CD's to distribute.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can do this? I tried a couple site with no luck and I really don't want to put this on YouTube.... it may be too large for there also though.

Thanks in advance.

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Use Windows Movie Maker to reencode the file as a WMV. You can set the file size you want for it (100 MB max for Youtube) when you choose the export option.
Hi Lisa,
I agree with Kev.
Also, you can edit it and make it smaller in Windows Movie Maker which is already in your computer or can be easily download it.
A third option is to download Total Video Converter. It gives you several options to convert your BIG AVI file into a smaller format.
There's a good place to upload your videos, it is http://www.fliggo.com/. You can make the place public or private, it is a You-Tube-type place but yours!.
Carlos Raul

Thank you. Reencode? I will look at these options.... I KNEW there was a way. :=)
Reencode is just computer speak for change the file type. With video files that involves processing (encoding) the whole file again.
You can download Format Factory (free software!) Convert from .avi to something smaller like .flv. This software is great for converting video, audio, or other types of files and so easy to use!
I recommend you use TeacherTube or SchoolTube for posting the video. You can control who can/cannot see the video and who can/cannot make comments. Students could download the video to their own computers from either of these sites (downloading from YouTube is not as easy.)



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