I am currently looking for new ways to introduce vocabulary in the classroom. I currently do vocabulary in Math and Communication Arts daily, but I am looking for new ideas to introduce it. As a third grade, we have about 35 to 40 words that we are focusing on in Math. Those words the kids need to know what they mean by the time they leave third grade. I currently discuss the words and look them up in a Math Dictionary, we write definitions of them and practice them throughout the week. I currently use "showdown" to practice the words where I give the definition, then they write the word on the white board and hide it from their neighbors. I then say "showdown" and they all show me. My kids absolutely love this, but I would like to try something else. Any other ideas are so welcome!



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I have used Quizlet once just a couple of weeks ago in my 12th grade economics class and was so impressed! I created a econ quiz from the chapter vocabulary and Quizlet had the book definitions already loaded! It was super easy and accurate. It has a few learning games that it makes the selected words before the students test.


I'm glad to hear you liked using Quizlet!  There are so many flashcards already loaded and I like the fact that you can create a group students can belong to so everyone can contribute flashcard sets.  My hope is that the Flashcardlet app will one day have the same quiz games!
Use a camera and have the students create a visual dictionary.
If you want another hands on idea, we place a sheet of paper tallways, then fold the left side over like a flap. We only fold it about 1/3 of the way, then cut this into 4 or 5 tabs. On each tab we write the word, under the tab we write the def., and in the 1/3 of a paper that is still showing to the right, we draw an illustration. This has been especially useful in geometry units.
Yes! Spelling city would a great start for vocabulary building! I recommended my parents to use it at home and a lot of them ended up subscribing for it because their family really enjoyed it!
Thanks so much for the ideas. I am checking out many of the new sites that everyone mentioned.
Our math coach developed a vocabulary bingo game using the promethean board. She had three separate boards one for third grade, one for fourth grade, and one for fifth grade. I thought this was a very effective way of reviewing vocabulary with students. The boards were made in response to our state testing coming up next week and the need for students to be familiar with common math vocabulary (i.e. congruent, symmetry, etc.). The kids love to play and win for prizes.



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