I have experimented with Voki a couple of times with little success.  I can create the avatar, but when it comes to recording my own voice I am having trouble.  I've tried recording using my built-in mic, an external mic, and even via a podcast created in Garageband.  I'm using a MacBookPro with Safari (not sure this information is relevant - but I know that Safari doesn't always support web-based applications - so I thought I'd just throw that out there).


When using the mics it only records the first five seconds.  And it doesn't upload my mp3 file from Garageband.  


Does anyone have helpful hints?  


Thanks so much!



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I know this isn't helping the problem you are currently having, but have you tried to upload to your Voki from your Cellular Phone? 

I know it is an option, maybe that will be a quick fix until we can get the microphone and recording issues figured out.  If this works, at least we will know your Voki account isn't messed up and it is a computer issue.  I use Firefox and it works great for me.  Here is a link to download Firefox for a Mac:



If you try it in Firefox and it doesn't work, I would try on a different computer.  I am going to guess that maybe this is just a Safari Issue. 




To try updating your Voki from your phone, Simply enter your phone number, Voki will call you, then give you the prompt to create a voice message!


Here is a screenshot from my Voki below!!


Try using Firefox. I spent 3 class periods along with my Technology Integration Coach trying to figure this out. We had 6 different Macbooks out and we came up with the conclusion that Safari was the problem.


We also used garageband to record the podcast and then upload to voki.

Thanks for the helpful hints, David and Bradley!  =)  


I'll try it with Firefox.  I also like the idea of using my cell phone.  I didn't think about recording it that way.  I think my students may like that option as well...


Thanks again!




I have had issues with this in the past.  Voki has been hit or miss for me.  Most recently I used it and actually called from my cell.  It worked beautifully!  Good luck!

I just wanted to give an update to my adventures with Voki.  True to what David and Bradley suggested, I accessed Voki using Firefox and it worked beautifully!  Safari does not seem to support adding audio whether it's via a microphone or uploading an audio file.  I did attempt to call in my audio, but the cell reception (it could have been due entirely to AT&T) made some sections sound garbled.


But I'm happy that using Firefox seemed to clear up the biggest barrier to my using this tool.  =)  Now, I'll just have to see if it works from my school's wifi...but that will have to wait until September.


Thanks again to you all for your helpful suggestions and words of encouragement!


Try it on a windows machine.  I have never had a problem with it but I've never used a mac.  The kids love the program



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