I created a wall to use with my students. My class size is about 30! My students could not see the wall because of technical issues with wallwisher. Has anyone successfully use wallwisher with their class?? It is so cool and I have many ideas...but if it's NOT going to work.

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I have had many problems using this tool in the classroom too.  Someone suggested that I use http://en.linoit.com/ instead. It has worked perfectly. I actually like its features better too.  The owner of the stickie can move it around and it stays!
Melissa, Do you know if you embed the "online sticky" to a blog or wiki?
Found this in the FAQ - but have not tried it...
How can I embed a canvas in my blog?
You can embed your canvas as you embed videos to your blog. Open the canvas you want to embed and click the information icon on Palette. Then, copy the HTML for embed lino, and paste it to your blog.

Thanks for looking into this... probably should've done this part myself.  :) 


Will be giving this and the other site, Corkboard, a whirl some time next week.



Just tried to use from linoit from home after embedding one in my blog while at school on Friday. Looked great from school... from home it appears with an ad... I could deal with this but the content of the ad was "Want a Girfriend?"  -- safe to say I will be unembedding this post before my students see it on Monday.  


Will look into Edistorm embedding capabilities before going back to Wallwisher (and dealing with the "glitch in the matrix").  

Thanks for the suggestion...I am going to take a closer look at Online stickies! Thanks!

I do like Wallwisher, no sign up necessary by students, simple to use. Lots of classroom applications - see links  here (seems to be working at the moment)  but it is so slow and I have seen that 'glitch in the matrix' message too often.


Edistorm does allow one private storm  free for educators, It has always been reliable when I have used it.


I dislike the adverts on some of these online stickies sites.

Must check out Corkboard.

I'm wondering if your security software is getting in the way. I've just started my own wall and will see if my students have difficulty.

I successfully created a wall, but had trouble using it with my 20 students.  By the time I roll in the mobile lab, get 20 Fourth Graders to the same url, I need to know that it will work.  Glad to hear about the alternative sites.  Was hoping to have a wall for brainstorming ideas before writings and projects.


There is a google mind mapping collaborative tool called bubbl.us that I've used. Not the sticky note format, more of a traditional mind map.

Here's the link:


Wallwisher seems to be OK at the moment - just checked my own links here. Note there are some good comments from students on these walls.

I agree with Peter re the advert content. I will not use sites with unsuitable adverts.

As a responsible teacher I will not send students to sites with adverts to sell them things/ find dates / reduce their debts or their belly fat! There are far too many such sites. 

I also dislike blogs with stupid adverts - with quality sites such as WordPress around there is no need for people to use them.




After trying a bunch of different options I ended up going back to linoit and found that the advertising while at school was acceptable at the start of the day it seems to have completely disappeared by the end of the day.  Can't say exactly what happened...


Can say that I had over 100 students visit the "cork-board" in the course of the day and not one of them ran into the problems that we had when using Wall Wisher earlier this year.  Being able to embed a cork-board into a blog with no student-related issues presents an advertising conundrum.  


Please take a look at our humorous images posted on the cork-board ...  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...



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