I created a wall to use with my students. My class size is about 30! My students could not see the wall because of technical issues with wallwisher. Has anyone successfully use wallwisher with their class?? It is so cool and I have many ideas...but if it's NOT going to work.

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It would be helpful to know exactly what the technical problems were. I've seen it used in a classroom with about 20 students and for a teacher's meeting with at least 20 - 25 teachers. This was done PCs, most likely using Firefox because that is our default browser. Could it be the browser you were using? I've seen technical issues with some websites, for example, some surveys, with my Mac because it wouldn't scroll all the way down.

I've been trying to use WallWisher in my college classroom as a way for students to synthesize thoughts about their required readings. However, 9 times out of 10, they (and I) get the technical issues error, making it near impossible to actually use the tool. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day, OS, bowser, or location is used to access the site, either. I'm to the point of discontinuing the activity or finding a different tool.



Since my post last fall, we had to give up on using Wallwisher due to technical problems as well.  We instead used a tool called Edistorm http://edistorm.com/ instead.  We liked it much better and, as a new company, they are very interested in working with schools.  Unfortunately, students would need email to use it.

Thank you for letting me know about the problems you've been having with Wallwisher. I have signed up for edistorm..but haven't used it yet.



You could also try out Corkboard at http://corkboard.me



It is totally free, and you or your students do not have to sign up.  When you go to the site, it simply creates a unique URL for you and you are ready to start right away.  Simply share the URL with your students, and they can begin leaving notes right away!


It works very similar to Wall Wisher, nobody has to sign up to use it, and maybe it will be more functional for your classroom than Wall Wisher.



I think corkboard me is more of what I'm looking for. Edistorm is good but it will cost money after the 30 day trial.




I like the look of Corkboard and love the fact that it is not blocked by the district. :)   Anyway to embed it? 


Hmm, doesn't appear so.  I did just contact them via twitter to let them know I HOPE they add this feature. I guess that is about all we can do for now.  I dont see an email address anywhere to contact the Corkboard creators.



However, the post below mine mentioning answergarden.ch might be a nice option for you since you CAN embed answergardens!

Thanks for posting the link for corkboard.me. I like that you don’t have to sign up for an account and think it would be great to use in class for quick discussion or group brainstorming. Do you know if more than one person can be working on a corkboard at a time? Do you know if the corkboard expires and is erased after a period of time? It was easy add text and I like that graphics can easily be pasted to it, without having to upload. I will definitely bookmark this for later use!
This is great. As a college student this will benefit me when I have thoughts and ideas when writing papers. This is another way to organize thoughts, gather quotes, and other information. This is beneficial for those who do not have their own personal computer. The user has their own personal URL for this so it is available at any computer. It is also good tool to help the environment. NO PAPER IS NEEDED!
Another thought would be to use www.answergarden.ch for shorter things.  Its not exactly the post-it note model, but is very ad-hoc and simple...
I've used answergarden for quick response..the class loved it.



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