What are some ways that teachers can better promote safe internet research that promotes healthy internet citizenship?

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Teachers can give students resources of different websites/tools that they have looked at/know are safe/appropriate.

They can use safe websites, they have been approved by other teachers. Teach the students how to safely use the Internet.
Teachers can promote safe online behavior by modeling Internet ediquet. Teachers can also help students by proving appropriate search engines in order for students to find their own resources.
Taking time to EXPLICTLY walk through certain websites/ programs with students. Providing step by step written instructions as well.
Teachers could go over rules, model how to use the Internet, give examples of expectations, and create a poster to hang in the classroom to help remind the students as they use technology what is expected of them.

Thanks for a great post, and I will definitely add these sites/topics as a resource to students and educators. 

Teachers, administrators and students should receive instruction related to the safe and responsible use of the Internet. Education for students should be appropriate to their age and understandings. Young people should be empowered to independently handle a wide range of interactions and activities on the Internet that could be harmful to their safety and well being. Educating older students regarding how to avoid the inadvertent access of inappropriate material and appropriate, effective responses if they accidentally access such materials, especially if the site has "trapped" them and will not allow them to exit, is essential. Further, it is necessary to address why such materials are considered to be inappropriate. Additional safety concerns include being the target or recipient of sexual predation, hate group recruitment, invasion of personal privacy, Internet fraud and scams, harassment, stalking, and harmful speech.



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