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I had a brainstorm that I need your feedback on. Since most districts (and most conferences) make students and teachers wear lanyards with their IDs attached I had a great idea. Why not have a national color-coding system of badges for tech expertise based on the ISTE standards? Red=Newbie, Yellow=Tenderfoot, Orange=Guide, Green=Expert. I don't like those names, just using them as an example. (I know NBCT, ADT, GCT, DEN STARS etc are proud to display their credentials) A program could be developed that has guidelines for everyone to follow to move to the next level of expertise. Each person could acquire the skills needed at his/her own pace and document his/her learning and acquistion of skills in an ePortfolio.

I think this would help every school in our country with the integration of technology. Since being a highly-qualified teacher is important to the NCLB act shouldn’t every teacher get highly qualified in technology? It would be even greater if some kind of monetary incentive could be attached to moving to the next level of expertise, but in these economic times I’m not sure that could be a possibility.

Please let me know what you think about my brainstorm. Could it be implemented starting as a grassroots effort put together by members of my PLN? Or am I just too out of the box?

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very interesting conversation!.....i have heard of national teacher tech ratings and i think they're a good idea. we had a mandatory teacher tech test here in Maryland this year - it will be interesting to see the results. in the meantime i found this test even better than the one we had in MD because it's more about application: What Kind of Tech User Are You?

but i'm also cognizant of not wanting to alienate those tech phobic teachers we're trying to bring over...or offend anyone by "snooty" labels....fine line...and a delicate balance. but definitely worth the convo.
~gwyneth jones
Link to What Kind of Tech User Are You seems broken. Can you reset it please?



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