I am looking for teachers who have web 2.0 classrooms and are willing to share their classroom management plans.  I would like to share these with other teachers at my school.  Some teachers have a lot of fear over bringing web 2.0 and social media into their classrooms.  I am hoping that showing them ideas, from people they do not already know, will help ease the transition.

I have read through all of the great ideas on an earlier post asking for classroom management suggestions.  If anyone is willing to share their plan it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help,

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Thank you very much. Wow, I am impressed with your description above. I agree with you completely, but, I do not know how to convince others who don't want to be convinced. After reading your post and the others I am coming to the conclusion that passing along examples, such as yours, might be the way to do it.

I have another question for you about Google chat. My students have a Google account. They have created their IGoogle homepage, created blogs, use Google Docs, and added other gadgets that have been very helpful in bringing everything together in one place. I do not understand how to communicate within Google except through email. I also do not understand the benefit of following someone on their blog. The only place I see a connection is on my dashboard I can see all the blogs I follow in one place. Am I missing something or a setting? I thought by following I would get an email when they posted to their blog.

Sorry for the side topic.

Thanks again,


Here are some resources that might help you figure out how to use Google Reader (RSS feeds) with your class blogs, and setting up Google Talk:


Have you also checked out the Educator resources and teacher community forum on Google? http://www.google.com/educators/index.html. You might want to check them out as it seems that you're already using most of the Google tools already! :)

Came across this great PDF Google Tools guide today on my Twitter PLN via @rmbryne: http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1na6j/GoogleforTeachers/resources/...
Dear Shaughn,
I am Sofia working as Asst.Prof of English in an University in Chennai,India.I am researching on using Google docs to improve writing skills.If anyone can share ideas on this, I'll be glad.
With regards

I will pass on anything I get.




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