Does any of you have a good outline for a technology training for staff on Web 2.0 tools on your moodle site or school corporation site?  Looking for resources for me to design an online professional development course for my staff.  Thanks!


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Are you planning on creating a blog, wiki, or Ning group to support this? Or is it primarily as a face to face activity? I think doing the former--helps support the later--and given you're a techie my guess is you agree.

I would check out Cool Cat Teacher's presentations on Slideshare, they are pretty good (44 all together at the moment)

Angela Maiers on Slideshare is quite impressive as well:

Steven Downes is likewise quite good on the topic:

You might also check who speaks at the big conferences and search for them on slideshare or via delicious. (I'm ambivalent about the intrinsic expertism involved in and hope the "wisdom of the crowd" combined with common sense works)

As far as videos there are 4 standards I've seen a ton:
1) A vision of k-12 students

2) Socialnomics video (ton of stats)

3) Interviews with Dan Tapscott on next gen kids (there are a handful)

4) Of course the Common Craft instructional videos

Also, you might ping Stephen, because I think Canada has one or more websites which do what you are talking about.

I would also want to include an FAQ which helped deal with concerns like:
1) security
2) privacy
3) assessment/grading
4) what are the challenges involved?
5) ?????

Two more things to think about. Try to model the type of teaching you are wanting them to immulate (assuming you have the time). Its too bad that one-off programs like this tend to be so sage on the stage driven instead of student driven, constructivist, and based on discovery and project based learning. Second, remember to include clear case studies. There is lots of generic info about web 2.0 in the classroom. Having access to 3 examples of wikis in the classroom would I imagine enhance the effectiveness of your talk.
I was thinking about these issues and went ahead and linked to everything but the common craft videos in this recent post:
You can take a look at the wiki I use when I introduce technology in education to teachers.



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