Is anyone else having these sorts of problems?
We have experienced several errors using Web 2.0 tools.
With Google Docs, we are unable to have more that 5 editing a document at a time without errors.
In ToonDoo, students all logged in with their own account, but when they saved their cartoon, it wasn't there, but showed up in other student accounts!
With Voicethread, uploading photos looks like it's working, but sits and spins and never loads. has issues with saving as well.

We are running Microsoft ISA2003 Proxy, and the way it is set up, to the outside world there are only 4 IP addresses coming out of the district. Staff are starting to get frustrated and stopping using the tools. If anyone has a solution, it would be much appreciated!

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Have you check your bandwidth reports. Is there a bottleneck somewhere. Are all of these problems happening in the same location? Is it one lab? Could be a bottleneck at the switch or the internet pipe. Can you get bandwidth reports from your firewall?
Google Docs cannot handle more than a few people editing at the same time. It autosaves every five seconds or so, but with a few people logged in, they will get errors.
The problems are happening in multiple locations in the district.



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