As a user of web 2.0 in my English classes, I have now have the role of assisting my school's Creative Arts department with the integration of technology in the classroom. However, since I have never taught any of the creative arts, what I know of the courses is gathered through discussions with the teachers and observations of their classes. I was wondering if anyone here teaches any creative arts courses and could offer suggestions of how to integrate IT and / or web 2.0. Because of the nature of the courses, IT seems to be used less often, so it's difficult to find any helpful materials.

The Creative Arts department consists of Foods, Textiles, Visual Arts, Drama, Orchestra, and Choir. Our school uses tablets with OneNote, and we use Moodle; however, I'd love to hear about any other ideas too. What I've come up with so far is using OneNote in Foods to create and share recipe cards, recording and / or podcasting student progress in the Orchestra and Choir, and using OneNote to analyse artwork in the Visual Arts class. The textiles teacher wants to have the students create fashion portfolios and to come up with fashion design ideas, so I've suggested using OneNote for that. The Visual Arts teacher is using Diigo as a replacement for an information gathering assignment that used to involve cue cards.

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