Hi everyone! I am attempting to accumulate web 2.0 tools elementary school teachers could use in their classrooms. Some of the ideas I came across were blogging and digital story telling. If anyone has any other ideas as to how to bring the web 2.0 world into the elementary school classroom, please share them here! Thanks in advance!

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For an extremely comprehensive, well organized grouped list of web 2.0 applications, which are arranged by subject, try simplespark.com. I've discovered many tools here including the following ones that I use with my secondary school students:

Quizlet.com (uses games to reinforce terminology)
bubbl.us (free mindmap applet which has great visual appeal)
zoho.com (free online collaborative office suite)
docs.google.com (similar to zoho.com)
280slides.com (create and share slideshows)
prezi.com (zooming presentation tool)
www.google.com/coop/cse/(google custom search engine)
commoncraft.com (free visual explanations of many things)
wordle.net ( a tool for creating word clouds )
toondoo.com ( a tool for creating online comic strips)

Have fun exploring! I'm sure, with a little time invested, you'll find many more great tools.
Thank you for the post. simplespark is a nice site to find web 2.0 apps.
Hi Jonathan,
I just checked your blog and I think you meant - http://www.educationtechnologyblog.com/. Thanx for sharing, it's a wealth of resources!!
Ah, you are right. I don't even know the title of my own blog! (blush) Yes, it is www.educationtechnologyblog.com
Try Glogster.com (EDU version) for interactive online posters, Animoto.com/education for easy photo and video slideshows (Free educator account), webspiration and dropmind are mind mapping tools, middlespot.com is a cool search engine, and toobla and livebinders for online file and web bookmarking. I am starting to collect a list on my blog
Hi Andrew,
I was very inspired by NECC and I spent the entire summer trying to catalog web 2.0 resources for Elementary School. Here is my page: http://sites.google.com/site/faithsfiles/ I hope everyone will continue to post their own resources so that we can continue to expand our networks.
We've used many of the tools but few have staying power. Curriculum content is much more important that bells and whistles. You can see what we've done over the last few years here.
You are right, but with good curriculum content and good tools there is a lot you can do! Thinking creatively and using the some tools in different ways helps to keep things fresh.
Jon, You too are right but sometimes the tools get all the attention. I leave it up to the kids, I introduce a tool and the kids will let me know (by whether they use it) whether the tool helps inspire them or is 'full of sound and fury; signifying nothing'.



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