Seminar Description: Useful for all vocational and academic disciplines, this seminar will teach you to know and the use the technology needed by 21st Century students and educators. We will use the laptop cart to demonstrate and practice blogs, wikis, Classroom 2.0, Second Life, Skype and other online applications of interest to the group. Focus instruction, practice and support!

Weekly postings are required to reflect on your learnings.
This dicussion will be use to share strategies and ideas for your classroom.

Week One:

Required Postings::
*One paragraph introducing yourself
*Respond to at least one person other than your co-workers in the forum

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Greetings! I am excited and hornoed to be part of this grop and learning from my colleagues.
I presently teach Chemistry & Environmental Science at putnam. I also teach online courses for South university (Anatomy & Physiology and Biology) and for Florida Community College-Jacksonville ( Principles of Biology), and for Yorktown University (Nutrition). I have been married for almost ten years to my wife Cindi and we have a beautiful daughter, Elizabeth grace who will be three on April 2.
I enjoy gardening, computers, and writing. I am presently wiritng my doctoral dissertation (Ph.D. in Biiology: focus: Biological Weapons) for Atlantic International University.
have a great week!
Thanks for your reply. I am excited to have you in our seminar. We will all learn from sharing and hopefully take all the skills we learn into our classrooms. We want our students to learn the skills needed to succeed and connect them to their real world.
Hello Lawrence,

If I may ask, what does your wife do? is she in the science field?
gardening uhh? you have to give me some tips. I have always wanted to learn but don't have a clue on the first step of gardening.
Dear Kmert, my wife, Cynthia, manages the special education technology-Assistive technology_ for the school district of Belchertown.

Any tips you would like I would be happy to provide for you.

I have been easgerly preparing for this season. I plan to introduce Bush Cherry plants-like sweet cherry trees, but they grow on bushes that can grow about six feet high. Alkso, I plan a second round of growing potatoes. I am looking forward to introducing my daughter o the wonders of strawberries this year.

Best wishes.
Hi MaryAnn forgive me for not quite knowing where the seminar will be exactly? Is it here and or linked elsewhere please?
I'm interested too depending on the timing of the lessons? I'll go hunt about now to see links...

I'm an emerging teacher of textiles/food technology/VET/Secondary Tasmania Australia.
My son is 3 also Lawrence. I'm a solo parent re-entering the workforce.I'm very glad to be part of an educational revolution. Tho I recognise it's the students that will bring it about ultimately...I have an incredible amount to learn about learning/teaching but I think that these tools will guide my practice/thinking and because I'm new it might stick?
Hi the seminar is actually only for teacher in Putnam Vocational as part of their late. I am planning to have one online in the near future. You can participate if you want by responding to the participants. If you don't mind!

We will be discussing and sharing various information but live in our PD. As I said before I will have one online in the near future.

Thanks for your interest!
Hello All,

I am really excited about this course. I feel like I have a lot to learn about this program but so far so good.
I am the counselor for the TCT SLC and I have close to 400 students in my workload. I am originally from Haiti, I speak french and Creole. I grew up in the best state ever NJ. I went to Rowan University for my BA and received my degree in Business: MIS ( I love technology). After teaching Pre-K for two years, I decided to go into education. I wanted to teach. I obtained my MEd in Counseling at Umass in 2007.
Great Kemer!

Please teach me a little Creole?

Nice having you in our seminar!
Hi everyone,
I am looking forward to being part of this group learning new aspects of technology. I teach ELL history, calligraphy, and I've taught English as well. This semester, I am also working with some Electric Shop students on a special project. I will have been teaching at Putnam for twenty-nine years in May of this year. I enjoy learning because it renews you and no matter what you learn there is some way to connect it to your teaching.
I agree! I look forward to learning from you during this Seminar. See you tomorrow!
Didn't you want us to respond to the article? where do you want me to do that? in this forum or are you going to put another question similar to the one above? Well, hopefully I will talk to yo tomorrow. If not, I will do it by next week.
Look forward to class tomorrow
What's up, Kyngelle? We might have to reschedule our Thursday meeting. Let's discuss. See you tomorrow!



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