Seminar Description: Useful for all vocational and academic disciplines, this seminar will teach you to know and the use the technology needed by 21st Century students and educators. We will use the laptop cart to demonstrate and practice blogs, wikis, Classroom 2.0, Second Life, Skype and other online applications of interest to the group. Focus instruction, practice and support!

Weekly postings are required to reflect on your learnings.
This dicussion will be use to share strategies and ideas for your classroom.

Week One:

Required Postings::
*One paragraph introducing yourself
*Respond to at least one person other than your co-workers in the forum

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Please do it in this forum.
My name is Jonathan Carter. I am a licensed Social Studies teacher in the Springfield Public School system. I am currently an Intern at Putnam Vocational Technical High School in Educational Administration. For the past four years I have been teaching US History I, US History II, World History Survey, and American Government at Springfield Central High School.

Prior to becoming a teacher I had a successful 10-year career in the software and technology sectors. I held many challenging leadership positions with consulting firms and start-up technology companies. While I enjoyed my time in the business world, when the opportunity for change presented itself (through my wife’s relocation to Western Massachusetts) I decided to follow my heart and become a teacher. I have never looked back!

My background in business encompasses executive management, management consulting, technology consulting, business development, consultative sales, direct sales, project management, product management, product marketing, marketing communications, and public relations. The aggregation of all of these roles has given me tremendous experience working within various organizations.

I am currently enrolled in the Masters in Educational Administration program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in English from Colgate University. In 2005, I completed additional credits at Framingham State College to earn the equivalence of a concentration in History in order to teach Social Studies at the secondary school level. Further, I am a nationally-certified soccer coach and in 1989 I captained my high school soccer team to that year’s NSCAA USAToday/Gatorade National Championship.

After meeting in the Bahamas on Spring Break 15-years-ago next month, my beautiful wife Beth and I will celebrate our 10-year anniversary later this year. This past October we welcomed our first child into the world, little Alexander. He is beautiful and wonderful and lights up our life!

Jonathan Carter
Congratulations Jonathan!!!

Thanks for working with us! We appreciate your participation!

Mary Ann
My name is Thomas Hardcastle and I teach English 11 at Putnam. I have kids, pets, a big old house, and I love to teach kids. I graduated from UCONN a few years ago and will soon have my MA in English Lit. I love to golf, fish, read, and laugh. My wife runs three group homes in North Central CT. I am hoping to learn some new strategies for using technology in the classroom so that if I ever have any technology to use, I will have some ways to use it...
Hi Thomas!

It is a pleasure to work with all of you!
week two psting?
Processing Ideas paper.
Mary Ann the paper was good. BUt, the paper failed to mention the use of Microsoft Publisher. Many Office packages have it along with the other Office tools (word, power point, etc.).

The problem with writing education articles I find, is that you are writing for an audience that ranges from k though 12.

As such, what works with little kids, will bore the heck out of 11th graders.

I can see the use of tables-which are included in some chemistry lab reports, but newsletters from a teacher can translate to just extra work-even if the letter is merely published on their own web site. A blog may help, but again I think we need to review the legalities of what you can and can not say.

The school based blockage of Classroom 2.0 is another example of the system not in touch with the technology.

Finally, I think some of these concepts work better for technology experienced studenst in some of the shops (or as I had everyone have technology use at 9th grade at SCitech-so techno illiteracy appeared by 11th and 12th grade-thus more power point reports and excel and word use in lab reports). I find some students do not appreciate the power of these tools and if they took the time to master them, their future careers would be more solid with those skills applied in a business setting.

Just a few comments.

Best wishes.
Hi Lawrence:

Great thoughts!

Soon we will be sharing links related to copyrights and what is expected of us to do when using technology in the classroom.

A newsletter can be a tool to develop writing and communication skills. Again, it all depends on how you introduce the project. From experience every time I've given students the opportunity to be creative using technology they will take lead and will participate more.

Hi all!

I know that I am replying late when it comes to introducing myself... but here goes....

I am from Long Island, New York (born and raised). I have a "new yawk" accent that I hide very well here in New England. I graduated in 2007 from Springfield College with a Bachelor's in English/Secondary Ed. (hence why I am in MA). I taught English at Westfield Middle School last year and I am happy to be a Putnam this year. For those of you that don't know... I am the librarian at Putnam. I don't have a husband or kids, but I do have a kitten who I love...his name is Dexter.

I am excited to make my own webpage and get to know some of you better through this class!
Hi Nicole,
We were practically neighbors! I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I'm excited about making my own webpage too. You don't know how many times I've started to but never truly finished. Mary Ann won't let us slack off which is a very good thing!

Don't worry I won't jaja... You are almost done.. I won' have peace until I see your page on our webpage..
Mary Ann, I wanted to catch up on the articles to finish reading them.

WHERE are they what site? What is the URL?

Unfortunately, with all of the sites, this has become a bit confusing.

I just wanted to finish readings and went to the wiki and this site.

Please email me.

Thank you.

Lawrence Roberge



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