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What are some Web 2.0 tools you guys are using??  Right now I am using Glogster, Capzles, and Animoto.  Is there anything else new and exciting out there that the kids are enjoying???

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Just found out about photopeach. Looking into this.
this one is neat - similar to animoto...i like it though!!
I'm a HUGE fan of Prezi, as well as Blabberize. Also, have you heard of iPadio for recording podcasts? (You call a 1-866 number, it records your voice and posts it as a "phlog.")

I have more detailed info on my blog that you might find interesting, as well.

Oh, and Go2Web2.0 is a site that lists EVERY Web 2.0 tool out there. It's a bit overwhelming, but I've browsed it by category and found some pretty cool stuff, like ScreenJelly.
Also love fotobabble.com
I second the nomination of Prezi. I just used it for the first time this week to create this video. It's easy to use and creates great presentations. No more PowerPoint for me!

yea! I saw this at a conference...very neat and powerful.
There are two free photo editing tools which are quite fun. Piknic is free and has lots of cool fonts and effects. Also, Sumo Paint is a relatively robust tool for drawing and photo editing. If you search for free alternatives to Photoshop others will likely show up in the results, however these two seem to have a robust enough. One caveat, you will likely want to create a white background photo for Piknic, because it needs a photo/picture to manipulate to work--as far as I know.

Of course there is always Gimp, which is an open source version of Photoshop.

Of course wikis and delicious are great for older kids if contextualized in an interesting and meaningful way.

Hope that helps!
Does anyone use Teacher Tube?


I teach at the university level and have incorporated Google Docs into my course.

Students use a Gmail account to access an online, collaborative document--It has been most useful for exam reviews. I post a set of questions, and they collaboratively create the answer key. It take more effort on their part if there is a disagreement about the right answer, but it encourages them to question why an answer may or may not be correct (which is an important skill).

Many of them study in groups already--Google Docs helps coordinate this group studying in a virtual environment with more participants.
yes i love google docs - it brings in that collaborative work environment that i believe is extremely powerful for the students,
www.mindmeister.com Is a great collaborative tool for students working in groups.
Another excellent learning tool that's becoming very popular is visual mapping (aka mind mapping).

Visual mapping is a whole brain system (combination of right and left brain) to capture all your important information. It’s a matter of taking information that you have and with which you are presented and then organizing it in a more useful and meaningful way. By using visual maps, you can better and more quickly capture, consolidate, organize, and analyze information and knowledge, and enhance your ability to understand subjects, solve problems, and learn.

Think of a visual map as a tree, where the various outlying branches — the subconcepts — all connect back to the trunk or central concept. The elements of a given visual map are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts, with the goal of representing accurate and meaningful connections among them.

Visual mapping is already successfully used in business (many of top companies use it) and education (in many UK schools, visual mapping is now a core learning skill in the curriculum), and can be easily learned and used by all students.

To see an example of a visual map, visit http://www.educopark.com/Lessons/View/6-Life-Lessons-from-a-Teacher. Visit www.ConciseLearning.com/visualmapping for more information on how students can learn using visual maps. Also visit http://bx.businessweek.com/visual-mapping for many great articles on visual mapping.



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