For my technology class one piece of technology that I want to use in my future classroom is the ebook reader. The ebook reader would be a great tool to incorporate into the classroom. The ebook allows you to read and download any number of books and articles. This would be helpful for classroom books, silent reading, and for teacher read aloud. You can use this as a stand alone device or connect it with a PDA device. Students can adjust the fonts, make notes, have access to a dictionary, highlight, and use a text to speech feature to increase fluency. This is one way teachers can track students skills and reading progress. Students can also take class notes on these which could be very helpful for some students who can type faster than they can write. One way I would teach with this is by having students listen to books with the text to speech feature. This can be helpful for students who don't have high reading skills. They can follow along with the audio and it will be a helpful tool for learning. To be able to do this i would need an ebook reader for the students .

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