I am hoping to find a K, 1 or 2 class that would be willing to work on a project with us via a webcam and Skype. Please let me know if you are interested!

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We are interested!!!!
GREAT! I am new to Skype but have been playing around with it and this webcam stares at me everyday waiting to be used. I would love to connect with either a first or second grade class and have those students learn about each other. Hopefully the basics such as what the weather is like, classroom set-up (what it looks like in other states) foods they eat for lunch, etc. I would make sure we are very prepared! What do you think?
Dont worry would we would be very prepared :) I have a question for you. I am new to Classroom 2.0 and is there anyway I can send you my school email or Skype name? I dont want to post it on the forum b/c I dont want tons of spam.

I am new to this site also! One possible way is to go to my Web site: www.teachingistechrific.com and scroll to the bottom. There you will see a link to email me. Hope that helps!
Where are you located? We are in Chicago. I'd like to find a class in a different geographic location to skype with.
Hi Faith!

We are located on Long Island! I would love to work with your class if you are interested.

I would be interested in collaborating with your class...I teach 2nd grade in NC.
Great! We are located on the east end of Long Island. We currently have 12 second grade classes in my building so there are plenty to choose from!

Hope that works for you!
I am working with two 2nd grade classrooms who are just about "equipped" and ready to Skype. We are in Houston.
Super! We are located in Long Island, NY. I would love to have a second grade class work with you. We have never Skyped before but are anxious to get it going. How have you found it to be?
Check out this wiki: http://skypeinschools.pbworks.com/ It has grown A LOT since it started with just NC names last spring. It looks like the creator (or someone) might be trying to get it a bit more organized in the future, but it is a wonderful start for finding classes to connect with.

I am a K-5 technology teacher in central NC and would like to start Skyping again. I did a little bit last year. We enjoyed it! I'm hoping this year I can do at least one call with each of my classes. My lab was moved and my computer restored over the summer, so I'm not sure yet how we'll set up for our Skype calls this year. We enjoyed sharing general info with each class last year. Some classes we figured out the student questions beforehand last year, and other times I let the students come up with their questions on the fly. A question the second graders really enjoyed was asking about favorite books. It was neat to hear the similarities there. :)

I could try to hook you up with 1st and 2nd grade classrooms in north Texas if you are interested.




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