I run a summer reading incentive program, Marble Mania, where students earn a marble for every 50 pages they read over the summer. Upon returning, students turn in their log sheets and we figure out the number of marbles earned to see if homerooms reached a particlar goal and then ultimatley the school. Many students fail to record the books read and # of pages b/c they simply forget. I would like a tech element and find a way to let them log their book titles and page amounts online throughout the summer so that they can see their progress as they log each book. This would be similar to some websites such as Scholastic did with their Summer Reading Challenge, but I want something particilar to our school. Any ideas for making this happen for next summer?

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Edmodo is one I am looking at just now. It probably has the tools to do what you want. Or, try wikispaces where you can set up a private class page that students can edit and add to.
Hi Shannon,

How about using Google Docs Forms:


You could create a really simple Form, let the kids access it from a link and it will compile the data automagically into Google Spreadsheet and let you export to Excel!

Hi Shannon,
Over the past few months, I have been developing an online reading incentive program for kids whereby they log their reading (when, what, how much), and in exchange, earn various silly rewards on the site. There is also a GROUP module that allows teachers to set up a group for their class, and set reading targets for the group as a whole as well as individual rewards for kids. You could definitely set up your marble scheme (although at the moment, rewards are calculated and managed either per MINUTE OF READING or BOOKS READ). Every time a child logs reading time, parents get emailed and are asked to validate the reading via a link. This way, kids are kept honest! :-)
You are more than welcome to visit and try it out at http://www.reading-rewards.com . The site is completely free and child-safe.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



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