Hello All
I am looking for examples of school/college/university websites that have been created using Wordpress. Websites only and not blogs. Examples will be used for a web design teacher training module.

Is your website created with Wordpress or do you know of any? Any links or leads would be much appreciated!

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Thanks Dan.
We use Wordpress for our school site. Some of the pages are in blog form, most are not.
Thanks Stacy
Another excellent example! Was wondering how you incorporated the scrolling banner at the top of the site?
I don't use wordpress for a website...but I do use shutterfly. It's really easy to use and a great tool.
You can look at it here...
What a nice looking site--looks very professional, it there a charge?
No...it's completely free! It's also very easy to setup and use.
WOW! I don't need it for myself but will certainly pass the info on to others. Ddn't notice if it had ads??? I'll look again.
No ads! Except for the small shutterfly logo in the upper lefthand corner.
Hi Matthew
Wow, hadn't come across shutterfly before. It certainly looks very useful. Will be investigating it - especially as it is not blocked on our network!
Many thanks for the link to your site.
I would definitely recommend using Shutterfly. I've been working with teachers at my school helping them set up there page and many teachers that are apprehensive about doing this type of thing were able to use it with ease.
Hi Patricia,

I am in the process of building a wordpress website for my seventh grade English/History class to use next year. I teach in Los Angeles at a public middle school.

It's still under construction, but you can see what I've done so far here:


I plan on linking to twitter to update class news, homework assignments, and projects for parents.

I'm also looking to build a Parents Page (you can see the buttons if you scroll to bottom) to communicate more with parents of my students. Many of my students parents only speak Spanish, so I have already added a Translation Widget.

I'm also looking for feedback, ideas, and thoughts from others who have used wordpress for their class website.

Hi Robert
Many thanks for including your site. Love the layout and the fact that the user can change the theme. I think letting the students 'personalise' it in this way will definitely encourage usage of the site. Would you believe, I haven't seen this before with wordpress! Also, having the navigation at the bottom of the page is somewhat unusual but very effective once you realise it is there. I am tempted to experiment with the 'Inanis Glass' theme myself :-)

I have now included your site on my list here. You might get some other ideas from looking at some of the examples, even though there are not that many. I think you are already on the right track especially by integrating everything at the one place (i.e. binging in your twitter feed etc). This makes it so much easier for the students and parents.
Thanks again.



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