Welcome to all of you have just joined this great group. I'm guessing many of you heard about PBL~Better with Practice at ISTE, where we had terrific turnout for both sessions.
Feel free to start a new discussion or chime in on an ongoing conversation. You'll find this to be a wonderfully helpful group, eager to share wisdom and effective strategies for making PBL successful.
For starters, how about introducing yourselves (in the comments to this post)?
Look forward to the conversation.

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Hi to all.
I am Denise Steedle and at this point I am not sure if I am still a tech coordinator (elementary) or if I'm back in the tech classroom. Also not sure about the grade levels...I can be teaching K to 6 or 6 to 8. I am a Discovery Education DEN STAR group and I am also part of the LC NJ. Hope to share and gain ideas with all.
Hi Denise, Welcome!
You must feel unsettled with your assignment still up in the air. I hope it gets resolved quickly so you can get busy for the first days of school. I love DEN folks, hope to learn from you.
Hi! Wow, there are some pretty amazing educators here. I've posted on this group, but I want to introduced myself. I'm a high school social studies teacher in Denver. I'm trying to build a problem-solving based classroom -- meaning my students will engage in solving real-world problems. I imagine problem-solving through PBL is a great way to go. I am a collaboration junkie ;) In my school, and on-line, I believe we're stronger teachers when we think and work together for our students. And our students learn more when they're collaborating with each other.
Welcome Rachel! Thanks for pitching in on discussions. We can all learn lots from each other!
Edmodo is a great resource. Check it out: http://www.edmodo.com/
Hello everybody!
I am a teacher of English as a foreign language at Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar in Sibiu, Romania.
I am interested in project-based learning and followed the PBL Camp (July - August 2010) closely this summer.
Looking forward to learning a lot here,
Welcome Daniela! We look forward to learning from you, too. We're thinking about a virtual meetup, maybe you can join? Weigh in on the Doodle survey.
You really are all out there... or at least so it seems.
I am a freshman teacher at a New Tech Network school in Illinois. I teach a class that combines speech and technology. I am always looking for new project ideas that can combine the two skills while showing the students there is a world out there bigger than their own.
Hi Jak,
You'll find several other New Tech educators in this group--great network.
I can imagine all sorts of projects combining speech and tech. Have you ever tried a pecha-kucha event?
Hi Adam,
Great to hear that you're planning to bring PBL into math classes--a winning combination. We have some great math teachers in this group. Feel free to start a new discussion if you want to ask questions or solicit some classroom tips.
Hi Susie and all,
My name is Derek Luebbe. I'm the HS principal at the American International School of Budapest, the co-creator of a the classroom simulation simCEO at www.simceo.org (which you were nice enough to blog about), and a beginning blogger on educational technology at http://doesitcatchmice.blogspot.com/ .
My wife Laurie is an elementary teacher. We've been in American overseas schools for the last 15 years. And we're raising 3 girls that keep reminding me of how much I don't know.
I'm looking forward to trying to follow the discussions and learning from all on what's out there.
Hi Derek,
Good to see you here! This is a terrific place for connecting with PBL advocates from around the world. Thanks for joining the conversation.



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