Well my school has this Polyvision board which seems the least user-friendly IWB I have seen.

Does anyone have any experience using this board?


Furthermore, after I get it working to my liking, I want full teacher integration. Any experience with Promethean or SMART or a board not specified for either?



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Dear Des,

Its not the board, its the software that the dealer is including with the board. The IWB is a giant, wall mounted input device. Polyvision makes an extremely durable effective product.

What educational interactive software is included?
Most educational software is so inclusive that extensive training and practice is needed. I compare it to learning how to play a piano.

If you can, try to download Uniboard software. www.getuniboard.com
It is essentially a FREE system. Download it at home and see how easy it is to use. If you like it, see if you can download it into your school's computer. It will work with your Polyvision WB.

I have no affiliation with this company. One of our members brought it to my attention.
Its simple and easy to understand. When it comes to IWB software, I am challanged!

I agree that learning new IWB software takes time and practice. I have spent countless hours playing with the one that came with my IWB. I say it's my new hobby. I have trained the majority of my district on what I have figured out is most useful, because most of them don't have the time to spend to get to know the software.



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