what are the barriers that prevent some institutions in being able to embed ICT fully?

kindly share your views

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Barriers to ICT and the factors that impact the successful implementation of ICT in teaching are identified as the following


  • Teacher-level barriers: Teachers' poor ICT competence, low motivation and lack of confidence in using new technologies in teaching are significant determinants of their levels of engagements in ICT. These are directly related to the quality and quantity of teacher training programs.
  • School level barriers: Limited access to ICT (due to lack or poor organisation of ICT resources), poor quality and inadequate maintenance of hardware as well as unsuitable educational software are also defining elements in teachers levels of ICT use. Moreover, the absence of an ICT dimension in the overall school's strategies and their limited experience with project- Oriented activities supported by ICT, are decisive in determining levels of ICT used by teachers.

Monia Kalim

Nursery Nurse

Brown Bear Childcare

St Bernadette RC Primary School

Gorseway off Foliage Road





Hi Monika, I agree with you. To start off I strongly recommend the willingness of the people who will pilot this project and teachers' training.The set up is really high demanding therefore the curriculum should be designed according to the modern education methods where you can  embed technology tools effectively not only for the sake of using those tools but to enhance students learning .

Hi Monia, Administrative support, infrastructure and maintenance of ICT resources  can be costly  to sustain. How ever, I would like to stress the value of administrative support that ICT coordinators and teachers who are trying to integrate ICT in there  classrooms. Most specially for administrators who themselves do not know how to use ICT in the first place so eventually they will not have the same vision with ICT coordinators and teachers. Its a big loss  for the school if their administrators don't see the value of ICT .



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