What are the Opportunities in Online Teaching ? Can teachers earn by tutoring online

Online Education offers multiple opportunities that can be availed as Entrepreneur or as Online Instructor.

Listed below are the broad categories where immense opportunities in online education are available .

√ ICT Management

√ Content Development

√ Knowledge Repositories

√ Tutoring

√ Mentoring

√ Assessment Management

√ Data Handling

√ Human Management

Within each broad category exist multiple sub categories. A person can choose according to personal comfort, skills, time commitments and financial commitments. It is of utmost importance that the person first acquires the knowledge and the skills of conducting and managing your online venture. Many people have lost time and money as they forged ahead with their venture without understanding the mechanism of online working. Great opportunities exist and many success stories exist for the people who adopted online ways of working and had excellent financial and professional success.Read more on this on my blog www.teacherswallet.com

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Great entry and I had a question. I love the idea of mentoring via distance education so that students can work with one another not just on assignments but developing as a skilled individual in the field. My biggest concern would be over the lack of correct content shared by students and how an instructor could maintain the academic levels necessary. Is there some way of mentoring with appropriate content? Have you seen any working examples I could look at? Many thanks,

Hi Donna

Its great to see teachers developing interest in distance learning , though very few just a small percent but increasing this is what is encouraging . I really appreciate and I am glad to have this question from you on the concern of good digital content which is very essential for good mentoring . I am not aware of the grade or subjects you are wanting to refer braodly if you are looking for K-12 segment resources you could have a look at
and if you are looking for a platform from where you can interact and provide the right kind of teaching you can look at
If you are looking at a resource where you can have a combination of both and ready to use I think there is none , the ones there are run by companies as an individual you will have to configure any of the platforms available today and use content which is defintely available you will have to work on combing the two resources . If you are looking at any particular levels and subjetcs let me know probably i could guide better on the resources available

i have tried to give you some inputs do let me know if you are looking for anything more any queries it will be my pleasure

warm regards

Thanks for the very interesting links. I'm actually a librarian working on my MEd. which is fairly unique but I've used some of the web 2.0 tools at work but was more interested in the learning aspects so started another degree.

WizIQ looks like a very interesting product and I'm going to set up a trial to see how unique/different it is from Moodle which I've seen in action. The fact that WizIQ is free looks like a good start administratively at the very least. Since I'm currently working at a university, a lot of the links you have given, while are geared to the lower grades, are still applicable pedagogically for me. The Internet 4 Classrooms is very relevant to what I'm attempting to do which is develop online learning modules for distance education students in specific marketing courses. It's linking a "library" lesson to actual assignments utilizing our many online resources that most students don't know exist.

Thanks again.
hello Donna

Thats great I am sure the students are going to love it because they require this . Yeah the links i gave were for the lower grades we need more organized material at the university levels defintely
I think BlackBoard Merlott would have digital resources

its defintely a success keep everyone posted





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