Hi Again! I would like to know what 5 websites or interent tools you consider your favourite and why. I aim to include some reference to those chosen by most of you both in the new group I am trying to make grow and in my wiki. You are all welcome to visit them and participate as well.



Thank you

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I liked it! thank you Catherine. I will try to use it myself.
Please join me at www.teach-with-internet.ning.com
My district uses these site:

It is broken down by grade level>subject>topic
Thank you KL! I have already included your suggestion. The site is interestingly organised.
Hi Paula -- I'd have to say that can't be answered so simply. It's more like a teacher needs categories of web sites or wikis or projects instead of a few favorites to keep from cutting off the mainstream. Making your own set of links available from any computer - (delicious.com) to fit your needs works well for lots of teachers, or set up an aggregator like Netvibes to track blog activity.
Yes, exactly. Many sites duplicate each other and you can achieve the same result if you use your favorite with your classes instead of learning 4 different ones that really serve the same purpose.
My favorites for any age of the students (works perfect even with High School) Voki
and Blogging on Ning. Create your own network and give the kids an assignment to discuss it on the forum. They just love that.
You are right Terry. I do work with delicious but I did not know about Netvibes. I am getting many good suggestions in this discussion! thank you!

Thanks Maria for sharing as well. I have never seen Voki before, but I found it very interesting!
WiZiQ is a virtual classroom which offers free online e-teaching and e-learning using web conferencing with document and whiteboard sharing, teacher resumes and presentation sharing.

ScreenToaster is a Free online screen recorder paired with a video platform dedicated to screencasts. I liked very much.

I aslo like Online QuizCreator, it is a powerful assessment tool that you can create Flash online exam, quiz, test with interactivity and multimedia. Idea way to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting.
Great sites! I knew about WiZiQ but the other 2 are totally new. I'll have a closer look, they look very useful!
thanks for sharing!
Please consider joining http://teach-with-internet.ning.com/
thank you
The website www.polleverywhere.com allows students to use their cell phones as "clickers" in class. It's a great site.
Thanks for the suggestion Greg. Unfortunately this site does not work for my country yet. They only offer service to Chile and Brazil in South america. May be other people here can use it! it is really interesting!
Hi Paula,

My most favorite resources are on the FREE Teacher Toolbar. Please take a look and know that I'll certainly check out your new sites too. It's wonderful to discover tools and techniques that others use to enhance teaching and learning. Thanks for posing this question!

Here are my Top 10 but specifically for English language teachers....




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