Recently I posted a topic called "What do kids really know," in which I asked about their abilities in general to use the Internet and technology at school. I got some very interesting and thoughful responses. This is led me to want more information specifically about their search skills. I can remember how lacking kids' skills were back when I was last in a school library. That was 2000, when I was finishing up 15 years as a junior high librarian. My first question was...I wonder if they are still typing search terms into the address it still happens! From there my mind went to other questions about specific behaviors. I would love to have comments here, and/or to have folks respond to this survey:
Thanks in advance and cheers! mabell

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Yes students do still type into the search bar, but with firefox and chrome the technology has adapted and chrome only offers the 'address bar' to type a search into. Perhaps this 'mistake' has helped evolve this solution.
I confess to not having downloaded Chrome. It is a problem here at work. But I SHOULD if only for this reason. That is very interesting! And I do have to admit that this little behavior, which does irritate me a bit, results in far better results than used to be the case. Maybe I should relax about it!



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