As with many of you I am now stuck with the decision of what to do with a Ning that supports the community it was designed to serve but is in limbo as Ning will no longer be free and the mini version will not support groups (a critical component to the site).  Today I came across GROU.PS... It looks promising but I do not want to migrate from one site to another without some feedback beforehand.


So, what can you tell me about GROU.PS?  What other sites should I consider?  Please keep in mind that I am working with a non-tech savvy group that has Multiple Sclerosis so it needs to be as simplistic as possible.  Thanks so much!!   

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I had the same probelm, and I am now using GROU.PS, and it is working well for me, perhapos even better. I haven't figured out every option, but it appears to do as much or more than the NING did. I think you'd be happy with it...

They (GROU.PS) are gaining a huge marketshare due to the NING meltdown...

Anthony, Thanks for the feeback...
I have found a few more bugs in (still in beta, still quite new), but, overall, I would agree that it does (or hopes to eventually do) at least as much as ning.
Juan, Are bugs you have encountered major or minor in the overall picture?
I've moved there with my students and I reckon it's much better. I wrote a forum post about this called "Why I've left Ning' a few days ago if you want to check it out.
I think your post prompted me to take a look at GROU.PS in the first place... Regarding students, is there a minimum age requirement?



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