What do you think is a cool or unique use of Google for the classroom?

I'm looking to do something new, any ideas?

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Have you seen Richard Bryne's Google For Teachers pdf file? It's full of great ideas.
Hey that was great, I got some good ideas, but still not quite what I am looking for. I'm giving a presentation and want something really cool to demonstrate. I'm saving that PDF though!
Search for something on Google then click on "show options". Demo how you can narrow results by type and date or images by color, size, etc.. Then end it with showing Wonderwheel and the Timeline results. Most people never bother to use these awesome features.
Good suggestion, I'll play with that and give it a go.
I teach math, but I am certainly not restricted to math applications, although I am really good at taking non math things and relating them. But specifically for this presentation it is NOT a math presentation so I need to get my head out of that zone anyway :)



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