Hi - I just want a feed of my blog posts to appear in the RSS section of my Group. Thanks! Lisa

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What platform do you use for your blog? The answer might differ depending on the platform.

Generally, is RSS is turned on it would be something along the lines of http://yourblogname.bloghost.com/rss.

The last part might be /feed instead of /rss. Again, probably depends on your blog host and the available features.
Oh I meant my blog here on classroom20. I want to add the feed of my posts to my group's page. Thanks!
hi I am still trying to post the RSS feed from my blog

into my group's RSS section. Can you help me please? thanks!
You haven't written a blog post yet. The RSS feature is probably only be available for actual blog posts.

Create a blog post. Once you have it up you should see an "RSS" button giving you the feed address. At a minimum it'll be easier to troubleshoot once you actually have a blog posted.
odd I did post to my blog already on monday and it is there.
If you go to my page:
And when I click on the rss feed and try to copy that url, that does not work in the rss reader. Im stumped!
When I go to your page there are "wall posts" but no actual blog posts (look at the navigation on the left hand side, "Blogs" is grayed out, meaning no blog posts).

Now this link http://www.classroom20.com/profiles/blog/list?user=21nxll0tzmrvn has 2 posts. Earlier today it was empty.

Let me poke around for a minute....
I believe this is your RSS feed url:

Add that URL to the RSS reader of your Group
THANK YOU! That is it! I think I also had to open a post for anyone to see it - I had coleagues only. ( :
I appreciate your assistance!
No worries, happy to help.



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