What kinds of digital files do your students create?

Kids create digital files at home, using KidPix, taking digital photos, and recording youTube videos. Shouldn't kids create digital files at school? Tell me about your technology-infused lesson plans!

Please check out other ideas at: digitalnativeswork.pbwiki.com!

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I have my kids remix historical images into new artifacts - then they make iMovies that unpack the stories behind their creations.. come see! http://thinkinginmind.blogspot.com
We create a lot of digital stories. Early elementary students draw pictures on the topic. We scan them and insert into MS Photostory. The students then add effects and narration. We post them online as a podcast with rss feeds available. We also use audacity to develop stories with narration and homemade sound effects. It is used in Reading classes to teach imagery. It resembles an old time radio broadcast. We also use kidpix in the elementary schools. Our middle school has a television studio. We made a course out of it called videography. Student create digital video's in this course that must be based on a current area of study. They follow the entire production process of planning, storyboard, script writing/review, setting etc... The course is bascially public speaking and writing but they love it.
These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing, and if you've got any other ideas that you use in your own classroom, or have seen others use, please share those, as well!
You can see all the stuff we've done over the last few years here. Let me know if you need more info.
Here is a comic a pair of students created using Pixton in my 12th grade Economics class. The artistic element of the activity leaves room for improvement, but the creators clearly demonstrate mastery of a basic concept in Economics. Those of you that appreciate a good play on words will like this comic.

My students really enjoyed using Pixton. I will be using it again.
These are great ideas! I've added them to the wiki, plus a few others! Thanks, and keep 'em coming!
We have been working on a cumulative Cmap project in which the students continue to build upon their concepts maps year after year. For instance, individual and collaborative maps made in middle school life science are added to in 9th grade biology. Math and language arts maps stay quite busy over time since the curriculum spirals annually. New concept mapping tools have come along since we started the project and it is a temptation to grab for the glitter of the new toys, but so far the maps are seen as an investment and the kids feel a deep level of ownership of them.



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