There are lots of reasons why teachers are considered to be great. What is unclear is what is the ultimate basis for how we evaluate ourselves as effective educators. Do we associate greatness with educational background or years of experience? Do we rate effectiveness on student enjoyment or standardized testing results?

According to a 2010 ABC programme, a great teacher is not necessarily identified by the person with the most degrees, the most experience or the most outgoing personality.

Here are the 3 identifiers of great educators:

1) Check to see that every student understands and is keeping up.

2) If a lesson plan isn't working - change it. Re-evaluate and try something else.

3) Set high goals for your students.

How do you shape up?

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Great post!
The greatest teacher is the one, who love his profession. 
It is easy to see and observe if a teacher is passionate about what they do or if they are indifferent. I remember the greatest teachers I had are the ones who truly cared bout helping us learn. 



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