Our journey began at http://www.apple.com/education/docs/L360989C-US_L360989C_DiverseLea....  (pg. 33).  We intended to follow an alternative course, provided by Ms. Lever-Duffy and her accomplice Ms. Jean B. McDonald, however their directions led us to an old ramshackle hyperlink.  Our reconnaissance was nonetheless successful, as we found an alternate route through the Apple Land search bar.  I was not surprised by the wealth of information we unearthed, however, below is the diary of M.C. Whiskas who had never before visited the 21st century.

            I discovered Apple offers numerous opportunities for "diverse learners." One such gem, I was only too eager to uncover, was GarageBand.  This is a type of mystical recording device for something called a computer.  The pupil uses this “application” to make some sort of audio/visual production known as a Podcast.  Students can also make a recording of their instructor’s lessons.  (By George!, this could all but eliminate the need to learn short-hand for note-taking purposes!)  Furthermore, GarageBand could also refashion the way one studies; transforming the process from a mere recital of facts to a concerto of information!

            What M.C. Whiskas does not know is that while he engaged in recreation, (or as he calls it “experimenting with GarageBand”) I was busy analyzing the probability of implementing this type of program in a school.  The teacher assured me that, because GarageBand only requires a computer, she can easily incorporate the new technology into her classroom.  She can have the students work in groups to complete such tasks as creating their own review songs for extra practice or instead of writing a paper, the students can write a song or a rap to share the information they learned.

            Our journey home was far less treacherous than the excursion to Apple Land.  Thankfully, while M.C. Whiskas was “experimenting,” he found the big red “x” at the top right corner of the window.  It certainly made for a quick exit.

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