Sleeping well is often a result of having good sleeping practice, which parents are responsible for teaching to their children or kids.

Generally Kids are full of energy. They love to play outside, run around, get dirty, jump, kick, scream, etc. It's okay though, because this is extremely normal behaviour for young people. But what keeps them going like this and feeling good and healthy is getting the proper rest.

Your Children should not have to suffer from insomnia, and chances are they will not, provided that their parents keep them on a pretty disciplined sleep schedule. Kids do not need to stay up until all hours of the night, especially watching TV and eating junk food. They need to be tucked into their beds, sound asleep, allowing the natural biological process to rejuvenate their skin cells and internal organs. This is very important to their overall development process. From the time they are babies, children need much more sleep than adults, because their bodies need to become accustomed to a regular schedule, and because their brain function is still developing, as are their bodies in general. Failing to provide an adequate amount of rest can plague them with trouble sleeping for years to come.

Can you say why children need sleep?

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i agree with you. Kids should be tucked in at a decent time, now a days parents let kids stay up all night and serve them breakfast at noon. i ask myself why? what happened to bedtime stories at 9 and breakfast at 7:30 am
i'm glad you decided to put some time to express your thoughts about this. I am only 21 and have no kids but i sure do believe that kids need sleep at a respectful hour.
I agree with sleep at a decent time but not the 7:30 breakfast. No matter what time you go to sleep waking up early does no one good.
I totally agree, sleeping is very important for a kid.
As a child I remember begging to watch just one more show past my bed time and doing everything I could to stay up late. Though now, as a college student, Id kill to go back to kindergarden to have nap time. I agree that sleep is crucial to a childs health and I I think it is the parents job to force a child to sleep the same way they should force them to eat their vegetables.
I agree that sleeping is very important and that it is the parents responsibility to make that happen. Learning when you need to get to sleep for the day ahead is part of growing up. I realized that I needed to be asleep by 9:30 to be awake to drive myself to high school at 6:30 when I was in the 11th grade. You learn from the consequences, that is how life is. And the things is that you cant parent someone else's kids, you can just work with what you are given.
I agree with going to bed at a proper.
I babysit a handful of children 10 years and younger. Children definitely do anything they can to prolong bedtime! It only takes a bit of assertion on the parents part to persuade them to give up though. I think a lot of parents are so focused on being the "cool parent" or the "best friend" that they do not want to upset their children. This could be the fact that parents are getting younger and younger on average or it could be society pushing the idea. Either way, children need sleep and can (and WILL) get cranky without it!



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