What schools out there have WiFi and allow students to use personal devices like iPod touches and others?

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We are in the process of getting Wi-fi installed across the campus in the next few months, but, so far don't allow any electronic device to be used in class. It will be interesting to see what changes occur. A full functioning device like the ipod touch allows students to email- I think the chance for abuse with cheating is too high- I'm sure they will try to find a balance though, but haven't figured it out quite yet.
Hi Angelo, I am doing some dissertation research and Steve said I could post some discussion questions on the site. I am also really inersted in this topic and it is a big part of my dissertation research. I am going to post some stuff on the site and hopefully get some responses! I will let you know....
Hi Angelo, if you have any thoughts to share on the benefits / challenges of youth using these tools for school learning, please add them here:
Hey, just asking again if any schools are allowing student devices on a WiFi system.
We talked about going that route before our High School went 1:1 and decide for safety of servers we should go with ones we could help manage. So in that line let me tell you about last month...

Just last month (even though the school is 1:1) we had five students bring in home laptop pc's. I think they wanted to play a video game after school that was on their PC's. Within 45 mins of their computer using the wireless password and being on the network our server crashed. A virus caused everything to be destroyed. The good news was they crashed the web server so nothing of value went down with the ship but as of a month later everyone who has a website posted on that server now have crazy admin issues. I cannot at this time post updates with out sending it to the IT and they have to remove my folder and replace with the new one.

Your team might have a better plan on keeping viruses from your networks. I do know many of the hackers look for open wireless to find holes to get in and use valuable information from them. But hey we can't stop all problems. The value might be on student bought technology.



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