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Just putting it out there, I've researched and utilised Nintendo DS and Wii technologies in my classroom. For further information check out my site www.wiilearner.com


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I have thought about using Wii Fit in a physical education classroom. I am an instructional design specialist for our district and I am always looking at how I can integrate new technology into the classroom. I thought about trying it at a small school to see how it would work. Any insight into what you have accomplished in the classroom so far would be great!

I work with the NYC DOE Department of Fitness to integrate tech to enhance the work they do. We have discussed using Wii Fit/Sports. I see this working by setting up a perhaps four stations in the gym and having four Wii Fits with projectors and benches connected around the gym and students would cycle through the stations or focus on different stations at different times. You would have alternate students leading the sessions and the others could follow on certain activities. By the end of the month I would have it worked out so that every student at the very least has done the Wii Fitness test. I think this would be an interesting Donors Chose grant.
I'm very interested in this topic, but there is no writing or research on your site. It just looks like a consulting promotion. Is there another url or blog to visit?
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