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To answer a question from a member of this forum, I have done a little web research this past week on the Wii Mote conversion.


Well! It is quick, easy and inexpensive. And it appears to work smoothly and easily!

You'll need a projector, a flat wll surface or whiteboard, a Wiimote, a stand for the Wiimote, an infrared emitting pen, and a Bluetooth USB receiver.


Please review the following websites:

For videos, explanations, and free operational software.

For infrared pens, and all the cheap add-ons to make this work.


I'm so impressed that I am convinced that the $1500 IWB market is really at risk. The cheapest IWB systems are $399.00 plus shipping($90.00) for closeout models.

A Wiimote will cost about $100.00


It won't be long before there is a commercial system available for $179.00 or so.




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Actually the Wiimote is only $40 on Amazon. All together you should be able to get your whole system together for under $100.

I gave a workshop on this once. You can find my collected knowledge on the subject at
Hey Steve,

It was not my intention to price out this system accurately, but rather, remark on the Home Spun technology innovation, competing with EdTech Business.
A portable, commercially available IWB, system runs around $900.00 MSRP. Current China Manufacturers are selling them for $169.00 FOB China.
EdTech is a big business in the USA. Big Players support many District events and Technology Conventions.
(One hand washes the other) Kind of like, an EdTech Industrial Complex....Seductive Capitalism at its best.
The Big Bucks IWB marekt will crash as the technology moves to lower and lower pricing.
PS. I can get the WiiMotes for 20 bucks. LOL!
One can hope, unfortunately people pay for the convenience of having someone to yell at when things don't work perfectly. I can't tell you how many educators who've told me they're not allowed to have any free software installed on school computers. If they've paid for it they can have it installed, but if it's free their tech people will not install it.
Your exactly right Steve ! ..... It amazes me what schools pay for software licenses alone (not to mention the beafed up hardware to run the bloated software) ! I keep waiting for Ubuntu (or Edubuntu) to weasel its way into the school "industrial complex" some how and kick open the flood gates to open source software AND hardware as mentioned with the Wiimote Whiteboard / Mobile Immersive Learning Labs and the like.
Dear Rich and Steve,

What I am just starting to suspect is, that Big EdTech Companies, have the money to support District Conferences....I was searching for the name of a president for a compay that I buy from.
I found their names linked to "select" conferences for a large school district. I say select because, there were only four companies sponsoring this event. This was no FETC or ISTE event.
Reminds me of the Pharmaceutical companies' methods of promoting their line with physcians. Not quite so bold, ......yet......
It is hard to weasel in FREEWARE amid influence.

I called this an "EDTECH Industrial Complex" because, without federal money, the big sales would not be there.

I just communicated with a company that will be releasing an IR based Interactive system based on the Wii concept.

Now, I get excited easily, like a kid at Christmas, but the end user pricing should be under $300.00 for the receiver/IR pen and software. Some of the systems listed will be closer to $100.00.....Now we're talkin'

"The proof is in the pudding", Once I get the demos, I'll make the final judgement.
I've been dissapointed before...
I'll post my opinion after banging them around for a couple of days.....If I decide to market them, I won't make any further posts.....Rules are Rules

I work for a company that creates innovative social studies lessons and we're making the switch from print to online delivery. We were intrigued by the whole Wiimote idea and have created one that teachers can purchase for under $150. It includes the infared pen, remote, everything a teacher needs. There's also online videos and support to help get started. It's such a cool idea and a great way to bring smartboard technology into more classrooms. Here's the link if anyone is interested:
Hi Traci!

This is what makes America GREAT! INNOVATION!

Looks good! Is your company looking for any dealers? I am interested. Seriously!

Dear Traci,

I hate to bring this to your attention, but the "Wiimote Project" is offering a complete hardware system for $57.00 plus shipping.
Check out:

Remember, this is a garage/innovation tech revolution going on here. It is a turbulant market in development.
The pricing cannot go lower then the base cost of the materials. I believe that the WiiMote project has hit the bottom price for a complete system....just add the software...

I just started making the IR LED Pens myself. I have helped several other teachers get their Wiimote IWB up and running. Johnny Lee said in his TED talk that this gets you about 80% of the way to a commercial product for about 1% of the cost. You are going to need sometime to use on that IWB. Check out my website of links for K-5 and teachers.
Thanks Eric,
I like your website and I will establish a link to it on my website's infrared pages once I figure out a product mix that I can market effectively. This is a turbulent technology. It is difficult for a vendor to determine what product is going to have a market.
On the IR Pen side, I have found some Asian companies selling them at $4.00 each. They are probably buying them for less than $ 0,50 each. So, be careful, don't pour too much money into a product, the production cost may easily exceed the selling price.
This is an "Out of Pocket" market. Teacher's will be spending their own money.

At this stage, I think that there will be a market for IR IWB systems that will sell for less than $200.00 complete.
I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a couple of total solutions.
Another product line that I am investigating is the "Interactive Pen/Mouse". These are currently retailing for around $80.00. They provide a wireless control solution that is currently held by "Wireless Tablets" that sell for around $300,.00 each. If the Pen will perform the same activity in a classroom, why be limited by the tablet?
A teacher does not need to learn eye and hand coordination, the "pointer" reacts in the same fashion as a normal mouse function. You don't have to look here and there at the same time.

The major IWB companies used their Software as a market lock. Once a district or school commits to a branded system, they are locked in. The company then becomes the "Boss", they decide what other software or hardware is compatible with their product.

Major IWBs require a lot of school funds to implement. Depending on the classroom and the variety of installed products the cost per classroom can vary from $3500 to $9,000. I was in a district the other day that had decided to start installing "Smart Boards". My first thought was "Why?".
The answer to that question is: a great marketing effort by Smart to establish their product as the market standard.
BUT! With the availabilty of reliable FREEWARE, low cost components, and Cooperative websites like your own, there will be an erosion of the market for expensive installs.
It is interesting to watch the evolution occur.

Thanks again,
I really like my wireless tablet. I much prefer it to my Wiimote Whiteboard. I can use it anywhere in my room. I never stay in one place while I'm teaching. With my tablet in hand I can go from one on one help to whole class help without taking a step.

With my wiimote board I'm stuck at the front of the room.



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