I've done a wiki before, but I'm just now starting a project where I want an effectice wiki.

Being fairly anal-retentive about things that aren't uber-important, I need to know: how do I stop the automatic alphabetization of the page listings? I want the book studies in one section, and the other widgets and so on separated from the book studies, not mixed in.

Does anybody know? Has anyone cared about this before?

BTW, this is the website:

I want the "Skype" page not to be mixed with the book titles.

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Yes. I think the only way is to delete the widget on your table of contents page that automatically adds and alphabetizes your pages as you create them. Edit your navigation pane and delete the "include page list" widget. Then, you can manually edit the left frame table of contents and add the pages that you have created in the order that you would like.
Thank you. I'll try it at a time when I should be awake (it's 11:21PM Atlantic as I write this)...
Kind of an annoyance, but it worked. I'm glad I didn't have 100 items to re-organize!



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