Does anyone have a video they use to introduce wikis to students who are intermediate to middle school age?


I use the common craft one when I explain them to adults, but I wanted to see if anyone had one that they used for more "school" purposes.




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I've been using wikis with my students for over a year, but I don't use an intro video.  Instead, I reserve the mobile laptop cart, put my students in pairs, and then I introduce the elements of the wiki with them - one step at a time.  I create their usernames and passwords prior to introducing the wiki to them.  On the day of the introduction, after I've taught them how to navigate and edit, I let them "play" on the practice pages I created for their respective tables (I have nine tables).  It's similar to the sandbox idea that wikispaces uses.  


I find that hands-on experience with the wiki works well with my students.  I also use ARD to show students what their fellow classmates are doing on the wiki.  I also have a handout that goes through the step by step process of using a wiki, but the majority of my students simply want to just "jump in"'s hard keeping up with these digital natives...but I can't say that it's ever boring either.

I agree with Catherine - hands-on experience works well. I have introduced wikis to all my students this way.

I will be running a session for some staff this term and will do the same! I have created a training wiki which includes some pages of instructions (locked!). I have also included some references for them on classroom applications. They will be able to create pages and experiment themselves.



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