In my district we're looking for recommendations for wiki software. We've used hosted solutions such as WikiSpaces, PBWiki, WetPaint, etc. We're looking for something that we will host with some of the same features such as these ease of use, attractive interface, education-friendly, etc. Free or for purchase.


1. Install and run on our server in district
2. WYSIWYG editing
3. Page history
4. Ties to LDAP or ActiveDirectory for single sign-on

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Have you looked at Mediawiki? It's the open source wiki that Wikipedia uses.
Thanks April. Yes, I have installed Mediawiki and found that it was not especially easy to use from a teacher's point of view. I don't remember exactly what it was but I don't think it had a WYSIWYG editor.
It doesn't have a very nice one and the learning curve can be steep. You may try which allows you to fiddle around with several open source wikis before you download.

One not included yet, either here or on, is XWiki. I have not tried this one myself but it looks very promising.

Hi, and thanks for the reply. Haven't tried MoinMoin, but I'll give it a look. BTW the link doesn't work.
Worked for me, too. Thanks again.
I recommend Tikiwiki. I love it and it fits your requirements.

It takes a bit of technological know how to get it set up. But end user experience (creating pages, uploading files, using a WYSIWYG) seems pretty easy.

To see how I used it in schools:
Thanks Zach. Your wiki looks great. I think we can handle the installation on our Linux server. Much appreciated.
Have you checked out Moodle.

Open source. Free.

You just need a dedicated server and an administrator (we built our own for our school and I'm going to administer the service--I'm just a teacher in the school).

We are nearing our start-up (mind you with all the political BS that flies around here it has been a year long process to get to here--if you have carte blanche then you'll be at this in no time).

Unfortunately, the only things lacking are moolah and time for our school IT guy make the final 'tweaks'...

I should note that there are only a handful of teachers keenly interested at the moment, but once they see the capabilities of won't be long and they will come to the dark side...
Thanks Jeff. I agree Moodle is terrific. We have it installed on a server and have several middle and highs school teachers using it. Like you, I am a teacher and I "paved the way" by setting Moodle up on a Linux server, and once it was clear that there was sufficient interest the IT department set it up on one of our primary Apple X-Serve servers. Go for it!
It does, but each wiki is limited to use within a particular course. So, if I had a course on 20th Century Drama, the wiki would could only be used in that course. When version 2.0 comes out, it is supposed to have improvements to the wiki and blog components.
It does. But it's not very good.

Moodle 2.0 will have a major wiki upgrade (based on NWiki). I believe 2.0 comes out in February.
Good luck with your Moodle Jeff. I agree re limitations of current Moodle wiki though. Moodle 2.0 and its improved wiki will only be in beta in Feb (at the earliest) and summer for stable release, so I guess that's a way off yet.



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