Do you use wiki's in your classroom? If so, how? What do you find works best? Do you have any sage advice for someone hoping to get school-dependent, at-risk kids engaged in the process?

Finally, while you're at it, can you participate in my students' wiki by providing constructive comments, ideas, & suggestions? This can be done via the discussion tab atop pages. Encourage my students by starting here: North ALC Westward Expansion

Thanks a bunch for your input to the questions, and your involvement in my students' work.

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Hi Chuck,

You might find it helpful to use self-learning resources or any one else who intends to teach the use of wikis by going through a series of video tutorials and Power Point presentations that I created as a part of my Masters project. i would appreciate it if you could fill out a short survey found in the feedback section of the Web site so that I know that the Web site is working.

The materials can be found at
Here is a WiZiQ Public class given by Nellie Deutsch

Chuck - This brief blog posting ( contains links to a half dozen informative resources about using Wiki's in the classroom. The "State of Wiki's in the Classroom" article provides some 'real world use' insight, the "Best Practices" article is a must for anyone considering using Wikis in the classroom, the Wiki community link is a great resource. There are also links to Wetpaint and PBWiki's pages on wikis in the classroom and Wikipedia's page on the subject. I hope you'll find these resources helpful!
We've done five wikis for five different reasons, you can see them here. (scroll down) The thing I don't like about wikis is that there is way too much writing on most and no creativity. The thing I do like about wikis is authentic collaboration and the linking. IMO, most wikis in the classroom don't forcus on either of those things, it's just an easy place to post stuff--the kids catch on fast that this is just another word processor.
I appreciate Nancy's observations. Many of us (such as myself) are pushing to raise awareness, and encourage experimenting with the use of internet technologies in the classroom. Nancy's comment goes to the all important and sought after next level - using these technologies well!



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